Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross

External Agency Support

Corpus Christi School works closely with a number of external agencies. This inter agency support enhances the lives of the children and gives them as many opportunities as possible to live happy lives as children and grow into well adjusted, educated productive adults.

Corpus Christi Youth Development Group
Corpus Christi Youth Development Group situated in the Bays organises a number of activities that the children in Corpus Christi Primary School have access to such as youth clubs, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Boxing, the Pipe & Drum Band etc.

Céim ar Chéim
Children in Corpus Christi are very lucky to have Céim ar Chéim on the door step. Each year the children in the school are given the opportunity to take part in a sports day organised by the students of Céim ar Chéim as part of their Leaving Cert Programme. Each evening after school there is an after schools club which the children can attend. Corpus Christi School and Céim ar Chéim work together to provide the best opportunities for the students.

The school and Barnardos work closely together. After schools clubs and summer programmes are offered to children in the school. Barnardos also work in the school with class teachers on different programmes that enhance the social skills of the children.

Moyross Youth Intervention Project
Moyross Youth Intervention Project provides homework support for the children in Corpus Christi. Children are also given the opportunity to do cooking, baking, sports and recreational activities. There is one to one support for young people and residential and day trips are also organised.

PAUL Partnership
The school is engaged in the Incredible Years Programme. Paul Partnership works with the school providing support and assistance to ensure the efficient and effective running of the Incredible Years Programme.

Northside Learning Hub
The Northside Learning Hub situated in Kileely House in Thomondgate is a multipurpose community education facility. The Hub and Corpus Christi School have worked together for a number of years on a variety of different projects, providing the children in the school with an opportunity to engage in activities such as music and music technology, drama, dance, visual arts, multimedia, science, sports and play.

Moyross Community Enterprise Center
Because of Corpus Christi School’s close links with Moyross Community Center the school has access to a number of valuable resources. Many of our sporting activities are played on the sports pitch and the all weather pitch. The community bus is at the school’s disposal for the numerous school outings such as tours, swimming, matches, trips to museums etc. that take place during the school year. The children in the school are also very welcome to use the state of the art playground. Close links have been fostered with the Community Center preschool who have engaged in both a music and P.E. programme in the school and also use the school library for story telling sessions. Corpus Christi School children have access to the after schools clubs and outdoor activities run by the Community Center and the summer camps which take place in July and August every year.

Moyross Community Health Center 
The Health Center provides a number of services for the children in the school. The Health Care Team plays a pivotal role in the welfare of the children and works closely with the Principal and the teachers to provide the best care and services for the children.

The library at Watch House Cross is a wonderful resource for the school. Different activities are run throughout the year which the children take part in such as reading sessions, puppet shows, organised visits and competitions.

Dormant Accounts
Access to Dormant Accounts provided by the Dept. of Education & Skills have enabled the school to run a number of activities. Currently there is a boat building project taking place in the school where young people from the community are busy building a boat. The pre-schools in the community have just completed a music programme which took place in the music hub in the school. Homework clubs, sports activities and music lessons are some of the various activities that take place.

Garda Youth Diversion Projects
The Garda Youth Diversion Project seeks to divert young people from becoming involved (or further involved) in anti-social behavior by providing suitable activities to facilitate personal development and promote civic responsibility. The Garda Youth Diversion Project is funded by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform and administered through the Garda Community Relations Section.

Limerick Regeneration Agency
Limerick Northside Regeneration Agency support the school in numerous initiatives; in sport, education, music, drama and social programmes.

GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS)
GE Capital Aviation Services based in Shannon made contact with Corpus Christi Primary School a number of years ago. Since then this company has funded many projects in the school, the library, the cookery room, the stage and numeracy & literacy programmes. The school is eternally grateful to GECAS for their tremendous generosity down through the years.