Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross


We are indeed lucky in Corpus Christi School to be one of the best resourced schools in the country. Each classroom has a library where there are plenty of books for the children. As well as the class library the children also have access to our fantastic school library where there are numerous books for the children to choose from. There is an abundance of reading books in the school. These are all colour coded so children are reading at a level that is appropriate for them. There are story books, science books, history books, geography books and novels in every classroom. Every child also has access to science equipment, musical instruments, art and craft materials and many more educational resources that enhance learning and education, there is an interactive whiteboard, computer, wireless keyboard and numerous educational computer programmes in every classroom. Children also get the opportunity to visit and use the computer room in the school. Here there is an interactive whiteboard and a number of computers which make it ideal for teaching groups of adults or children I.T. skills, there are four yards for the children to play on during break times. In each yard there are games painted on the ground for the children to play. At each break soccer goals and balls, basketballs, skipping ropes and other sports equipment are brought out to the yard for children to play with. The pre-school has a state of the art playground at the back of the school. The younger classes have the use of this fabulous facility. The older children have access to the wonderful playground located at the Community Centre which is situated right beside the school. The sports field and all weather pitch also located at the Community Centre are superb facilities used by the school. 

Corpus Christi School has a newly refurbished hall. This state of the art facility is used for lots of sporting activities both during and out of school hours. There are presses full of every available type of sports equipment. Children are offered the opportunity to engage in many different sports activities. Adults from the community also use the hall for keep fit and line dancing classes, the school hall has a great stage. Here the children perform annually in the Christmas Show and in the Féile Luimní competition each Spring. Recent school productions had to be performed in other venues but our new stage means future productions can be held in the school. Other drama companies have used this wonderful facility to bring plays and drama to the community of Moyross. There is a magnificent cookery room in the school. This wonderful facility is used by adults and children. A number of adult education cookery classes take place in this amazing well equipped cookery room. Children love going to the cookery room to do a cookery class with their teacher.

There is an abundance of resources, facilities and equipment available in Corpus Christi School. Every effort is made to provide whatever is needed to enhance the school lives of the children and give them every opportunity to reach their potential.