Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross

School Behaviour Policy

  • A statement of behavior expected in school is necessary as everyone, children, parents and teachers need boundaries and need to know where they stand.
  • Knowing what is expected helps us to achieve our goal.
  • These expectations are expresses in class and school rules.
  • The children, parents and teachers in the school will work together to decide on what kind of behavior we should expect from each other and will be guided by the principles of the Incredible Years Programme.
  • Positive behavior will be recognized and acknowledged.
  • Sometimes this response will take the form of a reward.
  • Everybody’s positive behavior will be recognized and acknowledged, regardless of what his/her behavior has been in the past.
  • Teachers in Corpus Christi Primary School want to focus on positive behavior.
  • They will therefore aim to give five positive signals for every negative signal.
  • These signals can be verbal or non verbal.
  • While positive behavior is encouraged there are consequences for negative behavior.
  • These consequences are graded.
  • Consequences become more severe as unwanted behavior becomes more frequent or serious.
  • Some of these consequences take the form of punishments.
  • Each class teacher in collaboration with the children in his/her class decides and agrees on the classroom rules.
  • These rules are displayed in the classroom.
  • Each class teacher will talk to the children in his/her class on a regular basis about the behavior expected, the acknowledgement of positive behavior and the consequences for negative behavior.
  • Parents are given a copy of the behavior policy booklet.
  • They are expected to go
    through the behavior booklet with their child(ren) and return it signed to the class
    Staff of Corpus Christi are open to taking on board the ideas of children and
    parents in relation to the behavior policy