Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross


“Corpus Christi Primary School firmly believes in the philosophy that education equals opportunity. In our school we are extremely fortunate to have a wonderfully skilled staff that are constantly developing and supporting the children to maximize their potential. I have been working in the school for the last ten years. I have worked as a classroom teacher and more recently as the home school community liaison co-coordinator. During my time at Corpus Christi Primary School I have witnessed the often unfair negative media coverage that Moyross has received. Here in the school we have turned the negative impressions of the community into a positive for the children in the school, as it has enabled us to reduce our pupil-teacher ratios and increase the amount of resources our school has. The school the people of Moyross now have is without doubt one of the best resourced schools in the country, with interactive whiteboards in all the classrooms, a library, a teaching kitchen, a parents room, a music hub, a state of the art computer room and sports hall all available for the children to use. This coupled with the low pupil-teacher ratio and the excellent learning support team provides all our children with the educational and life skills they require to maximize the opportunities they will receive in life. My vision for our school is one where the children of the community achieve, feel safe and are happy. The school is a place where we celebrate student achievement and ensure that parents and visitors who enter the school know how well our students achieve. Here in the school we constantly encourage the adults in the community to become active participants in school life, with a wide range of community adult education classes on five days a week in our school. It is absolutely vital that the people of this community have a vibrant primary school that not only provides a top class education but also helps to support, enhance and emphasis everything that is good about Moyross. With our outstanding facilities, wonderful resources and deeply committed staff, Corpus Christi Primary School is the school that can positively shape all of your children’s futures.”

Tiernan O’Neill