Special Classes

At Corpus Christi PS we have 3 Special classes which are fully integrated with our mainstream classes. We have a class for children who experience Mild General Learning Difficulties and two classes for children with Autism. It is our belief that we meet all children where they are at and tailor our curriculum to suit the learning styles of our pupils.

Corpus Christi
Learning through play

Class for children with Mild General Learning Difficulties

  • Children enrolled in the MGLD class are supported with:
  • A curriculum adapted to their learning need and capacities;
  • A variety of appropriate teaching approaches and methods;
  • Specialist assistance and teaching equipment;
  • Individual or small-group instruction;
  • Concrete materials and aids to assist in learning;
  • Special attention paid to the development of language and communication skills;
  • Specific programmes for social and personal development;
  • An emphasis on functional literacy and social mathematics;
  • An emphasis on pre-vocational skills and life-skills’;
  • Regular diagnostic assessment and review of progress.

Autism Classes

Autism Classes are groups attached to mainstream classrooms which specifically cater for pupils attending schools with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum.

One main advantage of these classes is that, unlike mainstream school classrooms, they have a much lower pupil-teacher ratio and may also receive a ‘baseline’ level of SNA support. This ensures that there’s as much intensive support as possible for pupils to develop and fulfil their IEPs. Additionally, special classes provide the opportunity for students to follow the curriculum at pace and level appropriate to them and to participate in mainstream activities and classes where they are able. There is a particular emphasis placed on Social skills development in the classes.