Maths Recovery

Maths Recovery offers a unique approach to extending children’s number knowledge, understanding, and strategies. The programme offers an extremely detailed profiles-based assessment of pupils in respect of these areas and provides a framework for individual, group, or class-based instruction which is suitable for pupils who are experiencing difficulties but also for average and more able children.


What is Maths Recovery

The Maths Recovery Programme draws extensively on a cohesive body of research into the learning and teaching of early maths undertaken by Professor Leslie Steffe and his colleagues at the University of Georgia in the United States. Professor Bob Wright further developed this work through his extensive investigations of young children’s mathematical learning and progression as these occur in instructional contexts.


Key features of Maths Recovery

The key features of the Maths Recovery Programme are:

  •  intensive, individualized, group or class teaching of low-attaining pupils by specialist MR teachers
  • an extensive professional development course to prepare the specialist MR teachers, and on-going collegial and support for these teachers
  •  use of a strong underpinning theory of young children’s mathematical learning, and
  • use of an especially developed instructional approach, and distinctive instructional activities and assessment procedures


One to one sessions help children develop concrete knowledge in the area of number knowledge, understanding, and strategies.