Schools Completion Project

We work closely with SMILE Schools' Completion Project to ensure all our children reach their full potential in education - both primary and secondary. We are lucky to have workers Adrian and Naomi on site to complete various initiatives and programmes with our children to ensure they are ready for their transition to secondary school.


Our Aims

To give young people who are at risk of early school leaving and their families a positive experience of learning for life in and out of school and to encourage them to have the incentive and motivation to remain in and benefit from the education system.

What We Offer

  • Individual support, both educational and emotional for young people experiencing difficulties at school
  • Monitoring attendance and tracking students
  • Homework Clubs
  • After School Supports
  • Behavioural Support Programmes
  • Inter Agency School Support Programmes
  • Revision Tuition
  • Transfer Programmes
  • Holiday Provision (Summer & Mid-term Camps)
  • Lunchtime Clubs

The evidence based and evidence informed programmes we offer are:

  • Roots of Empathy
  • Mentoring for acheivement (MAP)
  • Botvin LifeSkills
  • Doodle Den
  • Rainbows