During English classes we follow such programmes as First Steps, Reading Recovery and Literacy Lift Off and enjoy shared reading classes, buddy writing classes and buddy reading classes. We are also very lucky to be situated so close to the Watch House Cross Community Library and love to go on visits to choose books and listen to authors.

Hard at work
Hard at work

Literacy classes

Literacy classes take place on a daily basis. Each zone follows a termly themed plan and all writing genres are covered throughout the year to ensure progression between all our class levels. We are incredibly lucky to have a highly skilled staff who tailor their approaches to teaching literacy for each pupil.

Team TSI

We have recently introduce Team TSI to our senior pupils. This is a new approach to literacy which is a collaborative approach to literacy learning. The lessons are informed by inquiry led questioning and the children have ownership of their own learning. Team TSI has been a great success to date and we can't wait to extend the model to other classes in Corpus Christi.

Word Aware

Word Aware is a structured whole school approach to promote the vocabulary development of all children. Each classroom has their own Vocabulary Wall with particular new words they focus on each month. 

Poetry Wall

A different class is selected each month to have their work displayed on the Poetry Wall. A number of poems are then selected for their originality to be read aloud at assembly.