Creative Arts

Arts Education is a huge part of daily life in Corpus Christi. The students enjoy wonderful lessons on a daily basis where their creativity is reinforced and supported. They are regularly exposed to musicians, artists and actors from the locality who come to our school to share their talents and wisdom.

Learning to play instruments


Each child is given the opportunity to take part in drama lessons and dramatic productions in Corpus Christi School. Each Christmas, the school invites parents and locals to experience the talents of each child on the school stage. In past years, children have had the chance to exhibit these talents in the Belltable Arts Centre and the ‘Millennium Theatre’ in the Technical University of the Shannon (TUS).


Over the past number of years Corpus Christi has been delighted to welcome members of Ceoltas Ceolteóirí Éireann to the school. These talented people along with class teachers have helped in creating a wonderful school band who are delighted to entertain and add music to each school event. Our tuneful choir are always a joy to listen to during religious ceremonies at different times of the year.


In Corpus Christi we value the artistic talents that each child presents. We have worked with local artists as part of the Visual Art curriculum. A pottery programme took place in the school. Children also created story books with the help of a writer in the residence. In addition each class takes pride in the creative individual class displays which can be seen throughout the school building.

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"I believe strongly in the power of arts education to engage and empower young people." - Heather Watts