Changemaker Schools is a groundbreaking programme to identify, support and connect innovative schools around the world. These schools are empowering young people to be changemakers – children with empathy, creativity, teamwork and leadership skills to unleash the full potential of themselves and others.



These schools are the next generation leading social, environmental and economic development. In a rapidly changing world, many primary schools across Ireland and the world recognize the need for a new way of learning. By building this network we aim to showcase best practices and inspire new ways of thinking in education systems across the world.

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Corpus Christi P.S. Changemaker School

An Integrated Education and Care Model

Corpus Christi School in Moyross has developed an integrated service model called ‘The Sky is the Limit Project’. The school strives for social entrepreneurship and recognises that a holistic family approach is what’s required in order to maximise the life outcomes of our children. To this end, the school has transitioned from a traditional primary school design to a modern, integrated full service trauma sensitive community education hub. There is a purpose built family centre onsite where teenage and adult counselling and mindfulness are offered as well as play, music and creative arts therapy. The school also collaborates with U.L. Engage in providing physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy as well as access to human nutrition and dietetic services. All of this is facilitated onsite in the school in order to provide a wrap around model of care for the children and their families.

This is a truly remarkable initiative, committed to leading cultural and system change within the educational system. 

The empowerment of their students and all members of the community, really shows how this school can influence others. A culture of care exists in this school, that has supported the school community both educationally and socially.

The school also regularly engages in research projects and supports students at local universities.

Changemaker School