Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a reading programme that is available to all pupils aged fve or six who need it. We have two qualified reading recovery teachers in Corpus Christi who work with individual pupils on a one to one basis.

Each child gets a half hour lesson in school every day for twelve to twenty weeks. The programme is different for every child. Every child is assessed to find out what they know and what they need to learn next. The focus on each lesson is for the children to understand what they are reading and to be able to write messages with meaning. When the child’s reading improves and they show they can work independently the reading recovery stops. At the end of reading recovery the children have achieved success, improved self esteem and have a more positive attitude towards their schoolwork. Reading Recovery offers a wonderful opportunity to children to catch-up quickly and gain confidence and competence in reading and writing.