Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross

Physical Education

Physical Education in Corpus Christi Primary School is very much in line with the child centered ethos of our school. All our children are encouraged to participate and get involved in games/sports, enjoying themselves at their own level and within their own limitations. The different school teams in various sports are also targets that the children can aspire to.

Active School Flag:
Corpus Christi was the first school in Limerick to be awarded the active school fag in 2010 from the Department of Education & Skills. This fag was in recognition of the structure, promotion and implementation of sport within our school. All recommendations and criteria outlined from the awarding body have been adhered to and the benefits of these are in evidence today.

Within the school there is a large assembly hall lined for badminton, basketball and used as the gym. There are four large playground areas, access to a large astro-turf area, two full size grass pitches and an indoor sports hall. All these facilities are available to our school and within a five minute walk.

We have individual equipment cupboards, fully stocked to facilitate all games/sports.

The P.E. programme for the year starts in September, with various sporting organisations involved in coaching Junior Infants to 6th Class in 6-week blocks. The activities range from Tag Rugby, Hurling, Football, Soccer, Handball, Basketball, Athletics and multi-sports activities. The class P.E. timetable is ongoing in conjunction with these activities. Swimming is available at different times of the year for 3rd to 6th Classes. At the end of the block of activities we invite parents/guardians of the children to come into the school and view their final session. Competitions and tournaments in various sports are ongoing throughout the year. In June, we have two sports days for the upper/lower school. Parents/Guardians are very welcome to attend these days. During school break-times the children can involve themselves in the structured and organised games available on the yards, all of which are supervised by members of Corpus Christi staff.

“Physical Education in Corpus Christi Primary School is for learning, enjoying and having fun. This is achieved by playing fairly, being disciplined and showing respect in all aspects of sport. Great emphasis is placed on these values. Physical Education is vital in promoting the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the child, thus resulting in increased confidence and self-esteem. The benefits gained will foster a positive attitude to physical education and its contribution towards lifelong health related fitness.”