Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross


The School Curriculum in Corpus Christi Primary School is geared towards the overall development of the pupils and is based on the requirements of the Department of Education and Skills for primary schools. The smaller class size in Corpus Christi and the emphasis on each individual allows each child to develop at his/her own rate. Each class has its own teacher who closely monitors the student’s academic needs. Their development is further enhanced with the support of learning support, resource and language support teachers. Each class has access to many resources including its own computer and interactive whiteboard which aid in the implementation of the school curriculum. The dedication of the highly qualified teachers enables pupils from all classes to work to an excellent standard. Our curriculum endeavors to develop the whole student; academically, culturally, musically, artistically, physically, spiritually and socially. We aim to challenge each individual student to perform to the best of his/her ability as they prepare to move on to the next stage of their education within our school or in higher education. While Ireland as a whole has a centrally devised curriculum, this curriculum has been adapted to suit our school in many ways, creating a fantastic learning environment and an enjoyable experience for all.

During English classes we follow such programmes as First Steps, Reading Recovery and Literacy Lift Off and enjoy shared reading classes, buddy writing classes and buddy reading classes.

As part of our Irish Curriculum children partake in annual Féile Luimní poetry competitions and some of the older children enjoy Tráth na gCeist.

Maths plays an important part in our school curriculum and our children participate in various Maths recovery lessons, and lessons from such programmes as First Steps and Action Maths.

Social, Environmental & Scientific Education (SESE):
SESE covers the subjects of History, Science and Geography. Many of the children are involved in the Green Schools Committee as part of the SESE curriculum. Pupils are busy all year round tending to the  school garden, growing  potatoes and vegetables and many varieties of flowers and plants. Individual groups of children have been lucky to visit local historical sites such as King John’s Castle, The Hunt Museum and The Treaty Stone. There have also been visits to geographical sites, such as Cratloe Woods.

Visual Art:
In Corpus Christi we value the artistic talents that each child presents. We have worked with local artists as part of the Visual Art curriculum. A pottery programme took place in the school. Children also created story books with the help of a writer in the residence. In addition each class takes pride in the creative individual class displays which can be seen throughout the school building.

Over the past number of years Corpus Christi has been delighted to welcome members of Ceoltas Ceolteóirí Éireann to the school. These talented people along with class teachers have helped in creating a wonderful school band who are delighted to entertain and add music to each school event. Our tuneful choir are always a joy to listen to during religious ceremonies at different times of the year.

Physical Education (PE):
PE classes are filled with activities such as Hurling, Gaelic Football, Rugby, Soccer, Athletics, Handball and Swimming, thanks to the expertise of outside personnel from the GAA, Munster Rugby, FAI, Limerick City Sports Partnership and Grove Island Leisure Centre. Children who participate in after-school activities also enjoy Table Tennis, Boxing & Basketball.

Each child is given the opportunity to take part in drama lessons and dramatic productions in Corpus Christi School. Each Christmas, the school invites parents and locals to experience the talents of each child on the school stage. In past years, children have had the chance to exhibit these talents in the Belltable Arts Centre and the ‘Millennium Theatre’ in the Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT). Social, Personal & Health Education (SPHE): Each pupil follows a healthy lunch programme, whereby all school lunches consist of a healthy sandwich, a piece of fruit, and juice, milk or water. We realise the value of having both a healthy mind and a healthy body. We care for the well-being of all children and as part of the SPHE curriculum we follow the ‘Walk Tall, Be Safe, and Stay Safe’ Programmes, which allow children to focus on their safety and the safety of others.