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Physical Education

All classes in the school are timetabled for 2 half hour sessions of Physical Education per week. All classes are taught at least five different PE strands each year. To enable this to happen all teachers have a Physical Education programme folder in their classroom, which is very comprehensive covering lesson plans in Gymnastics, Dance, Games, Aquatics and outdoor education. These programmes are graded at different class levels to cater for varying abilities. Within the PE programmes there is an activity planner for each of the classes (enclosed). Teachers also have access to the PSSI Lesson Plans. Swimming is taught all year round from September - June to 1st - 6th Clases. The P.A.W.S programme is followed, we finish with our school swimming gala. Enclosed are photos of games and sports taught throughout the school year and our Gala Outdoor Adventure photos enclosed Junior/Senior Infants. The priority PE strand area for our school was Sports Hall Athletics. This coincided with the Indoor Athletics season and Juniors - 6th Classes covered six lessons on sprints, Obstable race, speed bounce, ball throw, vertical jump, javalin, long jump, we finished this block by competing in the Indoor Athletics Competition at UL. Some of these events were modified for younger children (photos enclosed).

Physical Activity

The children in our school have two outdoor breaks per day. On two of our yards we have an all year round structured playground soccer tournament, organised and refereed by a teacher and pupils. Yard 1 - 4th - 6th Classes and Yard 2 - 1st - 3rd classes. All children are put in a team. There are four leagues in the year, Premiership, European, Worldcup and Irish league. Each lasts approx seven weeks, trophies and picture of the team are presented at assembly to the winning team. For the new league children are given a new team. Other options for play and being active that are available to the children include, Basketball, hoops, skipping ropes and a reflex board. We encourage children to do their talking whilst walking. on yard 3 which is for Juniors/Senior Infants, we have 10 playground mentors, playing games with the children using playground markings, we also have a basketball hoop and two low sized soccer goals. (Photo enclosed)

Active Calendar Events -  At Christmas we had musicians going around all the classes, playing Christmas music with children dressed up. Active participation was encouraged using shakers, drums, bells and singing. We also had an outing to Limerick On Ice and the classes doing their Christmas plays. (Photos enclosed)

Halloween -  Children dressed up for class competitions and finished the day with a disco in the hall.

Valentines Day - We celebrated by making cards

EasterChildren from various classes took part in an Easter Egg Hunt in the playground. (Photos Enclosed)

School Show - We have just completed two 3 hour shows over two nights in L.I.T Theatre. This involved the upper school practicing many dance and movement routines. The rehersals started just after Chirstmas and the shows were in early May (Photos Enclosed)

Active Breaks - In the class room during rainy days when children cannot get out to the yard they are taken by the classroom mentors who can use the bizzy breaks routines or use other routines from the internet onto the interactive whiteboard.

Creche - The creche in our school are involved in Physical Activity using equipment everyday in our school hall during playground breaks. They also have the use of an outdoor play area which is attached to the school.

After School Clubs - Clubs take place outside of school hours from Tuesdays to Fridays for 1st - 6th Classes from 2.40pm - 5.00pm. The sports clubs are soccer, basketball and Gaelic football. The gardening club is ongoing throughout the week where children are working on a sensory garden for the school. There is also a woodwork and boat building club.

Sports Days - We have two sports days in June Juniors - 2nd Classes and 3rd - 6th classes. There are fifteen events and each event is teacher led where points are awarded. Team leaders are used to help the younger children. Medals are presented at the end. (Photos enclosed)

Outdoor Athletics - This event takes place in UL with 20 different schools competing in graded ability groups. We send a team of 40 children from 2nd - 6th class to compete. It is organised by a school in Limerick, Roxboro N.S.



ASF Committee -  The active school committee consists of 7 members who meet formally and informally to discuss any new ideas on playground activities, ways to improve things or any other general suggestions for sport or Physical Activity in the school.

The Club Survey - This resulted in 20 different clubs ranging from soccer, rugby, karate, basketball, horseriding, dancing (Various Styles), boxing, snooker, athletics etc.

Community Links - Our school would have community links inside and outside the area: - 

  • LSP: Limerick Sport Partnership who organise events throughout the year which we would participate in: E.g. Indoor athletics and Duoathlon. (photos enclosed) Indoor Athletics is a national event that has participants entering from all over.
  • FAI: Spar 5 a side soccer tournament which is a national tournament. We have already competed in 3 rounds of this tournament to date finishing at the group winners stage.
  • IRFU: Munster Branch Rugby who organise coaching in our school and run a number of rugby blitzes, which we are a part of throughout the year. We recently played a blitz in Thomond Park. (Photos enclosed)
  • GAA (Gaelic Football): We are involved in an interschool Gaelic Football Tournament each year with the finalists playing in the Galeic Grounds here in Limerick. Our girls team were fortunate enough to play in the final. 
  • Garda Youth Diversion Project / Horse Trust: A number of our children are involved in this project, which involves classroom based theory and practical sessions on horse care and regular trips to the Clare Equestrian Centre to work practically with the horses, which involves riding and jumping. Trips are also arranged for the Curragh in Kildare where R.A.C.E is based.
  • Garda Cup: This event is run by Limerick Guards for local schools. It is held each year in UL. We entered two boys teams for this soccer tournament this year.
  • Garda Cycling Project: This is organised and run by local Gardaí. We are involved in this initiative which encourages safe cycling by improving the childs bicycle skills (Photos enclosed).
  • Interschool Basketball Tournament: This event is organised by local schools in Limerick and involves schools from County Limerick who participate. Our boys managed to reach the semi-final and the girls made the final (Photos enclosed).
  • MIC (Mary Immaculate College): The college organise an annual soccer tournament, which targets educational disadvantage. The tournament is held in the college catering for boys/girls. It is now in its tenth year. (Photos enclosed).

Active School Week

Our Active school Week this year was Monday 16th April 2018 - Friday 20th April 2018

Monday 16/04/2018 -

  • Creche - Structured play using equipment - 10.30am - 11.00am
  • Playground Soccer Final (European) and presentation of trophies - 12.40pm - 1.30pm

Tuesday 17/04/2018 - 

  • Gymnastics 2nd / 3rd / 4th Classes and winners presentation - 9.00am - 10.30am
  • Penalty Competition 3rd & 4th Classes and winners presentation - 10.40am - 11.30am
  • Penalty Competition 5th & 6th Classes and winners presentation - 12.40pm - 1.30pm

Wednesday 18/04/2014 -

  • Rugby Blitz (contact) 5th & 6th class - 10.30am - 2.00pm Thomond Park

Thursday 19/04/2018 -

  • Penalty Competition 1st & 2nd Classes and winners presentation - 10.40am - 11.30am
  • Swimming trials for school swimming gala - 4th - 6th classes - 12.30pm - 2.30pm Grove Island Swimming pool

Friday 20/04/2018 -

  • Playground Soccer Final and winners presentation 3rd - 6th classes - 10.40am - 11.15am
  • Skills / Games Circuit 3rd & 4th Classes - 1.00pm - 2.30pm


Physical Activity as Homework

Homework clubs in our school encourage children to spend half of their time doing their written work and the other half at one of the after school clubs being physically active. 

Whole School Fun Event

Our whole school event this year was the proms in UL in Limerick.

Taster Sessions of New Activities

New activities that we tried were Olympic Handball which is a team sport and Indoor Handball, which is basically an individual sport, but can be modified to incorporate a few players each team.