Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross


Sport is incredibly important in Corpus Christi Primary School and plays a key part in its ethos. The school has top sporting facilities including; an indoor sports hall with a range of equipment from uni-hoc to rugby, two basketball courts, an astro-turf football pitch next to the school and developmental play equipment for the younger children.

Corpus Christi regularly host clinics and workshops from the FAI, Munster Rugby and the GAA. Physical Education is high on the list of priorities with swimming at the Grove Island Leisure Center (a weekly treat for many of our students from 3rd class to 6th class). Daily soccer leagues, run by teachers, on two of our yards incorporate team work and physical activity for all children. Athletics and Gymnastics workshops are held on a regular basis by the school’s Physical Education Specialist Teachers. Bicycle Tuition runs in conjunction with the Garda Síochana. An after school golfing programme for the children offers new and diverse sporting opportunities to all. Limerick Sports Partnership have provided the children with the unique opportunity to play golf. Every Friday a group of children are taken to a golf course and are coached by a professional golfer on the skills of the game. Sport continues to thrive in Corpus Christi Primary School and we want YOU and your children to be part of it!