Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross

Literacy Lift Off

The gift of being able to read and write is a precious one. It was with this in mind that we as teachers and parents in Corpus Christi Primary School set up a new idea called ‘Literacy Lift Off’. This new initiative, unique to our school, is an exciting and fun programme which aims to target pupils with varying reading and writing difficulties.

In 2009, we the staff of Corpus Christi devised this programme as we saw there was an opportunity to boost each pupils reading abilities by maximizing on class time through the early intervention programme. Since setting up the programme we have seen measured improvements in the standards of reading and writing.

The targeted class receive an intense 6-week programme. On a daily basis the classroom is organised into four workstations:

  1. The reading of a new book.
  2. A writing station.
  3. A letter workstation.
  4. A familiar reading station.

During the session four qualified teachers work at theses stations co-teaching. The enjoyment factor is clear to be seen through the electric atmosphere that is in the room. Each station has a duration of 10 minutes and at the sound of the buzzer, pupils are hopping out of their seats in anticipation of what will come at the next station. The lessons are multi-sensory; catering for pupils with strengths in different senses - as a result of this pupils enjoy the daily experience that is Literacy Lift Off.