Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross

IT, Audio & Visual

Corpus Christi Primary School is extremely well-equipped in the area of Information Technology. The school has a comprehensive and focused I.T. plan with the aim being that every pupil completes their primary education with a competent degree of computer literacy.

Our I.T. facilities are listed below:

  • Dedicated Computer Room containing an Interactive White Board and 16 networked computers.
  • 12 classroom-based Interactive Whiteboards. 16 classroom-based teaching computers.
  • 12 classroom-based laptops.
  • 16 classroom-based printers. 2 Document Visualizers.
  • 2 Digital Cameras.
  • 1 Video Camera.
  • 16 classroom-based televisions and video players.
  • 2 Document Scanners. Multimedia Software.