Corpus Christi
Primary School, Moyross

Incredible Years

The Incredible Years Programme aims to promote children’s emotional and social skills to improve learning and reduce behavioral issues. 

All of our teachers have been trained in the ‘Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme’. We recognize that building positive relationships with students built on trust, understanding and caring will increase children’s co-operation and motivation and improve their learning and achievement in school. The ‘Dinosaur Social and Emotional Skills Curriculum for Children’ is offered in a small group setting to younger children. The programme focuses on social skills, problem solving and anger management. The children come to understand and communicate their feelings and to develop friendship and coping skills. Parents are invited to take part in the ‘Parent Programmes’. They are trained to use effective child management skills. There is huge emphasis on promoting positive behavior and encouraging our children to have higher self-esteem and fewer behavior problems.

Through the Incredible Years Programme teachers and parents are able to work together in partnership to support learning. The shared goals are parents who are involved in their children’s education, children who are doing well in school and teachers who have the support of parents. This gives children the opportunity to succeed not just in school but also throughout life.